Any non-standard tasks in any areas

Loans and Investments

Assistance in obtaining loans and investments

Marketing & PR

International marketing for business: online and offline marketing


Outsourcing services worldwide

Regional Development

Work in the regional sector: assistance to ministries and governments

Business recovery

Taking business and production out of crisis


Assistance in technological production

International Business Integration

Integration of business in the international arena

Sale of business

Assistance in the sale of any type of business around the world


Production of innovative products to order

Politics and Political Technologies

Solving issues in the sector of political technologies

Purchase of business

Assistance in buying any type of business worldwide


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TySeven Holding Structure



Troubleshooting company

Mirror Mask

International Affiliate Marketing

Federation One

Regional development

Nord Aurora

Outsourcing: Finance, Accounting, Jurisprudence, HR

Tourmaline Gold

Sale and purchase of minerals

Parma Initiative

Integration into international business

Mishelti Technologies

Technology and Innovation


Loans and investments

Valorous Republic

Politics and Political Technologies

Neo Seoul

Marketing&PR studio




We will bring you to the result (support 24\7).

We provide you with further support, even after obtaining the results: the development and progress of the life sphere in which you previously had the problem.


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United Kingdom

101, Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 3JG 

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